Hygenic Cladding

We offer a wide range of internal hygienic cladding, flooring and Ceiling products based upon your business requirements and budget. As an independent supplier and installer we can offer product ranges from various manufacturers, to ensure we find the perfect solution for your needs.

Once a survey, to make sure that the moisture content in your walls is within the requirements of the products being installed, we will show you through the ranges available to you. With a huge choice of colours, styles and features, we will ascertain your specific requirements and ensure that the perfect cladding is selected.

Wall cladding has become a preferred choice for a wide range of industries, because they offer a maintainable and hygienic surface to meet any criteria.


Hygienic wall cladding can be adhered to many different substrates. For new build applications, it is possible to install directly to fair faced blockwork providing it is within the required tolerances of plasterboard or plastered walls.


Hygienic Ceiling systems can be installed either directly to existing substrates or fixed to suspended MF grid systems.